HCO SR1-WCDi User Manual

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to move between the tabs (submenu) which contains different group of

items. Press the ▲ or ▼ buttons to activate the submenu and edit

different items. P

ress ◄► to change the value. Press the OK button to



Navigate to the Wireless tab; scroll down to enter the submenus.

Change the Send Mode to Instant. Leave the Send To on Phone mode if

you are sending the email to a cell phone number. Or change to Email

mode if you are sending to your email address. Scroll down to Phone or

Email and input the phone number or email address of the recipient



Press button to exit from the submenu. Press the MENU again

to exit from setup menu and enter the live preview mode.

10. Press the OK button to capture image or record video manually.

11. Press the playback button to playback. Use the

◄ or ► buttons to go

through the images. Press

▲ or ▼ button to choose magnification times.

Press OK and ▲▼

◄► to move the magnified area.

12. Press Playback button

to exit.

13. While reviewing the image, press button to delete the current

image, or press button to delete the current one or all the


14. Press Playback button

to exit the playback mode.

15. Place the camera at the target area and turn on the camera (slide the

power switch to ON).

Please remember to switch to ON from SETUP

after the camera finishes searching network.

The camera will take

pictures or videos as programmed. The height from the ground for

placing the camera should vary with the object size appropriately. In

general, 3-6 feet is preferred.

16. Push the power switch to the OFF position to power off the camera.

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