HCO SR1-WCDi User Manual

Page 8

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Time Lapse

The camera can be triggered by timer at a

preset time interval. Please note that even

in Time Lapse mode, the camera still can

be triggered unless the Sensitivity is set to




The camera can be set to operate only at

specific time period. To enable this function

select ON and press ok. The start-stop

menu will then appear. This menu contains

the settings for times to start and stop as

well as the trigger interval and time lapse

interval. The start-stop setting will override

all other general camera settings. Since

there are 2 periods available, make sure to

not program times that overlap.


Set Clock

Enter to set the Date and Time.

Time Stamp

ON /Off. Choose if the image stamp is to be

shown or not.

Flash Power

High / Low. Infrared Flash Power:


Format the SD card. This will erase all data

on the SD card. This cannot be undone.


ON/OFF. If ON, once the SD card is full, the

camera will delete the oldest images / video

and keep recording the new images /


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