RCBS Bullet Feeder - Pistol Kit User Manual

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• Store primers and powder beyond the reach of

children and away from heat, dampness, open flames
and electrical equipment. Avoid areas where static
electricity is evident.

• DO NOT use primers of unknown identity.
• Dispose of unknown primers in accordance with

applicable regulations.

• Keep primers in the original factory container until

ready to use. Return unused primers to the same
factory packaging for safety and to preserve their
identity. Primer packaging is designed to provide safe

• DO NOT store primers in bulk. The blast of just a few

hundred primers is sufficient to cause serious injury to
anyone nearby.

• DO NOT force primers. Use care in handling primers.
• DO NOT have more than one can of powder on the

bench at one time. Powder cans should be stored
away from the bench to avoid picking up the wrong

• DO NOT use any powder unless its identity is

positively known. The only positive identification is the

manufacturer's label on the original canister. Discard
all mixed powders and those of uncertain identity.

• If you use a powder measure, replace the lids on both

the powder hopper and powder can after the powder
hopper has been filled.

• When using a powder measure, settle the powder in

the powder hopper before charging any cases. Throw
and check the weight of at least ten charges. This will
assure you that the correct powder charge is being

• When you finish a reloading session, pour any

remaining powder back into its original factory
container. This will preserve the identity and shelf life
of the powder.

• DO NOT smoke while reloading.

• Keep complete records of reloads. Apply a descriptive

label to each box showing the date produced, and the
primer, powder and bullet used. Labels for this
purpose are packed with SPEER bullets.

• Never attempt to guess at the identity of your


Because RCBS has no control over the choice of components, the manner in which they are assembled, the use of this
product, or the firearms in which the resulting ammunition may be used, we assume no responsibility, expressed or
implied, for the use of ammunition reloaded with this product.

The RCBS Bullet Feeder – Pistol Kit has been designed to increase your progressive pistol load rate by ~50% by
reducing the manual operation of placing a bullet onto the case mouth. All parts and adapters are included for you to be
able to feed 9mm, .38 Spl, .357 Mag, .40 S&W and .45 ACP pistol bullets.

The Bullet Feeder is designed to work with FMJ/TMJ, JACKETED or SEMI JACKETED Hollow Point, Soft Point, Round
Nose, Truncated/Flat Nose and Semi Wadcutter designed bullets ONLY. Cast or swaged LEAD and Wadcutter(HB, BB,
DE) bullets are NOT to be used. The lube from lead bullets deposits on the moving parts and collects dust and dirt,
slowing down the function of the Bullet Feeder and eventually causing the motor to burn out and will void the Warranty.
The deposited lube also does not allow the bullets to be positioned properly for feeding from the sorting Wheel to the
Feed Tube. The Wadcutter design will not sort properly through the Bullet Feeder.

The Bullet Feeder is designed to be used on RCBS 5-station progressive presses such as the Pro2000, Pro2000 Auto
and PiggyBack. The Bullet Feeder has also been designed to function on progressive presses manufactured by other
companies. RCBS has successfully tested the Bullet Feeder on the following presses: Dillon® RL550B, XL650 and
Hornady® Projector™, L-N-L™AP™. For presses that require you to Seat and Crimp bullets in separate operations, you
may need to combine bullet Seating and Crimping to accommodate the Bullet Feeder. This may require the purchase of a
combination bullet Seat and Crimp die(not included).

The Collator will hold ~200 bullets depending on caliber. Less for .45, more for 9mm.