RCBS Bullet Feeder - Pistol Kit User Manual

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Attach the Lower Support Tube to the Support Foot
using two 10-24x1 ½ SHCS (A)(see photo 1).
Attach the Upper Support Tube to the Lower Support
Tube using two ¼-28x 1 ½ BHCS and ¼ Flat
Washers(B)(see photo 1). The Support height is
adjustable depending on the type of press that you will
be using the Bullet Feeder with.

Photo 1

Attach the collator Bowl assembly to the top of the
Support assembly with the ¼-28x2” BHCS

and a ¼-28

Hex Nut (A)(see photo 2). Tighten this just enough so
that the Bowl assembly will still pivot. Install the lower
“angle” Bracket Pin into the middle 35° adjustment
position (B)(see photo 2). This position works for most
types of bullets, however, you may need to change the
angle of the Bowl assembly to reliably sort the bullets
that you are using.

Photo 2

Four changeable plugs are provided: US, UK, AUS and
EU. The power transformer is an automatic switching
120-240 VAC design. Select the proper plug adapter and
install onto the power transformer. Plug in the Power
Supply and connect to the power jack on the underside
of the Bowl assembly (A)(see photo 3).

Photo 3

Bolt the Bullet Feeder – Pistol Kit to the reloading bench
or table using the slots provided in the Support Foot
casting. Temporarily install the Continuous Spring tube
and plastic Lower Clear Tube to help position the
assembly in relation to your press. Insure that the
placement of the Bullet Feeder does not interfere with
the operation of your press.
Install the Tension Band down to the first “step” on the
desired caliber plastic Bullet Fingers and insert into the
bottom of the Bullet Die. Secure with the Retaining Ring.

Photo 4

Bullet Fingers are coded on the bottom with a series of
One = 45 ACP
Two = 10mm/40 S&W
Three = 9mm/38
Four = 38/357 Long, 170 gr and heavier

Install the Bullet Die assembly into your press (See
ADJUSTMENT section for proper setup). Where you
choose to install the Bullet Die depends on the press
that you are using. For RCBS five station presses,
station four (4) is the most common position.

Photo 5