RCBS Bullet Feeder - Pistol Kit User Manual

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Bowl Assembly
There are two “wipes” in the bowl assembly. These are
designed to prevent a double stack of bullets.
With the power disconnected, rotate the Sorting Plate
until one of the grooves is in line with the first “wipe”.
Place a bullet into the groove, loosen the lock nut and
adjust the “wipe” in or out until it clears the bullet by 1/8”-
1/4”, tighten the locknut.
Move the bullet up one groove and adjust the “spring
wipe” by loosening the two locknuts and positioning the
spring to clear the bullet nose by ~1/8”.

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Shut Off
RCBS has found that certain round nose bullet designs
for 9mm and 38/357 require the Shut Off to be installed.

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When changing calibers, the Bullet Fingers and Bullet
Guide must be changed. The Continuous Spring tube
and plastic Lower Clear Tube may also need to be
There are two diameters of Continuous Spring Tubes
and Lower Clear Tubes.
The smaller diameter tubes are for 9mm and 38/357.
The 9mm Upper Tube may need to be added to the “out”
feed of the Bullet Feeder to load “short” light (90 gr)
9mm bullets. The micro-switch will align in the cutout in
the side of the 9mm Upper Tube (A).

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The larger diameter tubes are for .40 cal and .45 ACP.
Unplug the Power Supply from the Bullet Feeder.
Disconnect the Lower Clear Tube from the Bullet Die
and remove any bullets still in the tubes.
Remove the Bullet Die from the press. It is easiest to
change the Bullet Fingers in the Bullet Die when the
Bullet Die is removed from the press.
Remove the Retaining Ring from the bottom of the Bullet
Die and set aside, remove the Bullet Fingers, replace
with the desired Bullet Fingers, reinstall the Retaining
Reinstall Bullet Die into press, insert proper Bullet Guide
and adjust per the ADJUSTMENT section.
Remove and replace the tubes with the appropriate ones
if required.
NOTE: If you are loading 170 grain or heavier .38/.357
bullets, the Bullet Finger with four marks and the .38
Bullet Guide marked “38L” with the stepped inner base
must be used together.