Great Plains 3000 Spring Rod Spacer Kit User Manual

General information, Spring rod spacer kit, Assembly instructions

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Installation Instructions

Great Plains Mfg., Inc.

© Copyright 2001 Printed 5/15/2001


3000 Opener

Spring Rod Spacer Kit

General Information

These instructions explain how to install the update spring rod
spacer kit.

Assembly Instructions

Figure 1


Detach old spring rod from opener by removing cotter pins
(1) and clevis pins (2) from both ends .Disassembly by un-
screwing the yoke (3), jam nut (4) and flange nut (5) from the
rod. Slide off the spring can (6), spring (7) andtrunion cast-
ing (8). Do not discard, reuse. Discard bolt (9) and long yoke

Figure 2


Reassemble. Slide new bolt (10) into the casting. Slide the
spring (7) onto the casting and retain in place with the spring
can (6), spacer tube (11) and flange nut (5). Tighten the
flange nut, to the dimension shown inFigure 3.


Tighten the jam nut (4) against the flange nut to lock it in
place. Apply LOCTITE 242 or equivilent threadlocker to the
last few threads, and install yoke (12) onto the assembly. Ad-
just to the dimension shown in Figure 3.

Reconnect spring rod onto to opener reusing cotter pins (1) and
clevis pins (2).

When you see this symbol, the subsequent instructions and
warnings are serious - follow without exception. Your life and
the lives of others depend on it!


Figure 1

Figure 3

Figure 2