Before you call for service, Before you call for service –24 – GE nautilus dishwasher User Manual

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Safety Information

Operating Instructions

Troubleshooting T


Customer Service

Before you call for service…



Possible Causes

What To Do


Some of the sounds

Hard food disposal

you’ll hear are normal

shredding action.

Timer control as cycle


Detergent cup opening.

The motor stopping during

the drying period.

Water draining out of the

tub immediately after you




Utensils are not secure

Make sure everything is

in the rack or something

secured in dishwasher.

small has dropped into
the rack

Motor hums

Dishwasher has not been

used on a regular basis. If

you do not use your

dishwasher often, set it to

fill and pump out once

every week. This will help

keep the seal moist and

the garbage disposer clear.

Detergent left in

Dishes are blocking the

Reposition the dishes.

dispenser cups

detergent cups

Detergent cup lid

Dial is not in the OFF

Turn the Dial to OFF

won’t latch


and slide the door latch

to the left.

Water standing in

This is normal

A small amount of clean

the bottom of the tub

water around the outlet on

the tub bottom at the back

of the tub keeps the water

seal lubricated.

Troubleshooting Tips
Review the charts on the following pages first
and you may not need to call for service.