Warning, Aintenance and care, Emptying dirt container – Bissell 13G4e User Manual

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aintenance and care


To maximize your cleaning perfor-

mance and extend the life of your

vacuum, it is very important that you

empty your dirt container and check

and clean your filters frequently.

Perform the following maintenance

Empty the dirt container when the dirt

reaches the “full” line on the dirt con-

tainer, or more frequently, to prevent

overfills. For best performance, empty

after each use.

2. Check the foam motor filter and the

HEPA media filter* at least once a

month; clean or replace as needed.

3. The HEPA media filter* should be

replaced if machine performance is

noticeably declining. More or less fre-

quent replacing may be required based

on individual vacuuming habits and

types of debris picked up.

Emptying dirt container

The dirt container should be emptied

before the dirt reaches the “full” line

on the dirt container.
Unplug the vacuum from electrical out-


2. Slide the Lock ‘n Seal lever to the

“unlock” position.

3. Grasp handle and pull the dirt container

straight out to remove from the vacuum.

4. Empty dirt into garbage container.

NOTE: Emptying the dirt container

after every use will help prevent

over filling and ensure that the

vacuum is ready to go the next

time you clean


To reduce the risk of electric shock, turn

power switch OFF and disconnect plug

from electrical outlet before performing

maintenance or troubleshooting checks.


For maximum cleaning

performance, check

and clean or replace

all filters as suggested.

*The Filter Media, not the vacuum as a whole, complies with the High Efficiency

Particulate Air (HEPA) filter specification (EN 1822-1:2009).