Notice, Warning, Aintenance and care – Bissell 13G4e User Manual

Page 9: Thermal protector, Cleaning the foam motor and hepa media filter

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aintenance and care

1. Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet.
2. The foam motor filter protects the motor

from dirt particles. It is located in the slide

out tray underneath the dirt container. If

the filter becomes dirty, pull out the tray,

lift out the foam filter and clean it.

NOTE: The foam motor filter may

be hand washed in cold water

with mild detergent. Rinse well

and air dry thoroughly before


3. The HEPA media filter* is a H13 filter,

which assists in the filtration process to

return clean air to the room. It is located

beneath the foam motor filter in the

slide out tray housed underneath the dirt

container. If the filter becomes dirty,

remove the tray, remove and replace

with a new HEPA media filter*.

NOTE: The HEPA media filter* is

a white, pleated filter. This filter

is NOT washable and must be

replaced when it becomes dirty

Thermal Protector

An internal thermal protector has

been designed into your vacuum to

protect it from overheating. When

the thermal protector activates, the

vacuum motor will stop operating. If

this happens:
Turn the vacuum OFF and unplug from

electrical outlet.

2. Empty the dirt container, check filters

and air passages for dirt accumulation.

3. The thermal protector automatically

resets after approximately one hour. If

the thermal protector does not reset, call

BISSELL Consumer Services.

Cleaning the foam motor and HEPA media filter*

*The Filter Media, not the vacuum as a whole, complies with the High Efficiency

Particulate Air (HEPA) filter specification (EN 1822-1:2009).


Do not operate cleaner with

damp or wet filters or without

all filters in place.




HEPA media


(under foam

motor filter)


This product is intended for household

use only and not for commercial or

industrial use. Vacuuming of dust

from products like plaster, concrete

or ashes will damage the motor and

void the warranty.