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Cisco Video Surveillance System IP Camera User Guide


Chapter 3 Configuring and Managing the IP Camera

Status Windows

Status Windows

The Status windows provide options for viewing and managing a variety of system information.

The following sections describe the Applications windows in detail:

System Window, page 3-32

Audio/Video Window, page 3-32

Network Window, page 3-33

Syslog & Log Window, page 3-34

Video Log Window, page 3-37


The status windows are not currently supported if you use the IP camera with Cisco VSM.

Navigation Keys

Set the pan and tilt positions as follows:

To pan the IP camera, use the left or right arrow buttons

To tilt the IP camera, use the up or down arrow buttons

To move the IP camera to its home position, click the Move Camera
button, which is located in the middle of the group of arrow keys

Focus Far button

Use these buttons to control focus settings for the IP camera.

Focus Near button

Set Home

Click the Set Home button to define the current IP camera position, zoom
setting, and focus setting as its home position.

Preset List

Choose a name from this list to update this window with information that has
been set for that preset position.

To remove a preset position, choose it from this list and click Remove.

Preset Name

After positioning the IP camera by using the Navigation keys, add this
position as a preset position by entering a name of up 16 characters and
clicking Add.

After you click Save in the Set Pan/Tilt window, this preset name is available
from the Preset List drop-down list in this window and on the Preset list in
the PTZ (RS-485) window.

Pan Speed

Select the relative speed for the IP camera panning action. Options range
from 1 (slowest) to 10 (fastest).

Tilt Speed

Select the relative speed for the IP camera tilting action. Options range from
1 (slowest) to 10 (fastest).

Table 3-19

Preset Positions Options (continued)