Troubleshooting, C h a p t e r, Chapter 5, “troubleshooting – Cisco CIVS-IPC-2500 User Manual

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Cisco Video Surveillance System IP Camera User Guide




This chapter describes some common problems that may be encountered while using the IP camera and
provides possible solutions.


Cannot connect to an IP camera through a web browser.

Possible Cause

You are not using a supported PC operating system or web browser, you entered an

incorrect IP address for the IP camera, the PC that you are using is not on the same LAN as the IP
camera, you are entering an invalid port number for an HTTP or HTTPS connection, or you are
trying to access the IP camera from a device with an IP address that is restricted from access.

Recommended Action

Make sure that you are using a PC that is running Microsoft Windows 2000,

XP, or Vista and that your are using Internet Explorer 6.x with Service Pack 2, or later. Make sure
that you enter the correct IP address. If you are connecting through a LAN, make sure that the PC
is on the same network as the IP camera. If you are connecting through the Internet, make sure to
enter the correct port number. Make sure that the device does not have an IP address that is restricted
from access (see the

“IP Filter Window” section on page 3-9



Cannot log in to the IP camera as the administrator.

Possible Cause

You are entering the log in credentials incorrectly or have forgotten the administrator


Recommended Action

The administrator user name is admin and the password is the one that you

configured. Both credentials are case sensitive, so make sure to enter them exactly as they are
configured. If you forget the administrator password, you must perform a factory reset as described
in the

“Resetting the IP Camera” procedure on page 2-8

, then reconfigure the IP camera. If you take

these actions, do not use the Upload option in the Maintenance window to reload a saved
configuration file because that process restores the password that you forgot.


Configuration windows do not display when you click the Setup link in the Main window.

Possible Cause

You or another user recently exited the configuration windows by exiting a browser

without first clicking the Logout button. In this case, it can take up to 2 minutes before the
configuration windows become available.

Recommended Action

Wait 2 minutes and try again.