Reassigning a measurement, Lean mode, Ensuring accuracy – Fitbit Aria User Manual

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Reassigning a measurement

If two users on the same scale are close in weight (within 8 lbs.), the Aria will prompt
you to select the correct user, noted by their identifying initials. In the event that the
incorrect user is chosen, or if a weight is improperly attributed, you can follow these
steps to reassign it to the correct user:


Click the

gear icon

at the top-right of your Dashboard and select

the scale from the drop-down menu.


Click the


tab to see a listing of all measurements synced from

the scale.


Locate the weight you would like to reassign and choose the appropriate user

from the drop-down “People” menu. This weight should now appear correctly
on the user’s account.

Lean mode

“Lean” mode is intended for professional or very high-level athletes like marathon
runners or body builders. Individuals with exceptionally low body fat relative to their
muscle mass may want to consider lean mode to improve the scale’s accuracy;
however, many very fit and active people still get more accurate readings in
“Regular” mode, which is appropriate for most users.

You may switch modes on your Aria Devices page by looking under the “People” tab
where you can designate each user as “Regular” or “Lean.” When you weigh in and
the Aria syncs, the mode will switch.

Ensuring accuracy

Use these tips to get the most accurate and consistent readings from your scale:

• Use the Aria while barefoot. The scale cannot measure body fat percentage if

you’re wearing shoes or socks.

• Make sure your feet are dry before weighing yourself.
• Place the scale on a hard, flat surface during use. Using the scale on a soft

surface - like carpet or linoleum - may affect the accuracy of the Aria's

• Balance your weight evenly between both feet while standing on the scale.
• Weigh yourself at the same time each day to see consistent trends. Your

weight and body fat percentage will naturally vary over the course of the day.

• If your Aria is picked up and moved between measurements, or stored

sideways against a wall when not in use, the scale will go through a calibration
process the next time it is used for weighing. Up to two consecutive weigh-ins
will then be required before your scale is recalibrated and again displays
consistently accurate measurements. You will know that your Aria is
calibrating when you see the "SENSING" message appear on the screen.

N O T E : Body fat percentage measurement requires that your Aria Scale has been set

up with your account. You do not need to complete this setup to
weigh yourself.