Safety statement, Important safety instructions, Battery precautions – Fitbit Aria User Manual

Page 16: Disposal and recycling information

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Safety Statement

This equipment has been tested to comply with safety certification in accordance
with the specifications of EN Standard: EN60950-1:2006 + A12: 2011.

The complete Declaration of Conformity can be found at

Important Safety Instructions

• Read these instructions.
• Keep these instructions.
• Heed all warnings.
• Follow all instructions.
• Do not drop.
• Do not use if cracks are present on the glass surface. Serious injury might


• Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean your Aria scale.
• Do not expose your Aria scale to extremely high or low temperatures.
• Do not leave your Aria scale in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.
• Do not leave your Aria scale near open flames.

Battery Precautions

Handle the battery in accordance with the instructions supplied by the

Disposal and Recycling Information

The symbol on the product or its packaging signifies that this product has to be
disposed separately from ordinary household wastes at its end of life. Please kindly
be aware that this is your responsibility to dispose electronic equipment at recycling
centers so as to help conserve natural resources. Each country in the European Union
should have its collection centers for electrical and electronic equipment recycling.
For information about your recycling drop off area, please contact your local related
electrical and electronic equipment waste management authority or the retailer
where you bought the product.

Le symbole sur le produit ou sur son emballage signifie que ce produit à la fin de sa
vie doit être recyclé séparément des déchets ménagers ordinaires. Notez que ceci
est votre responsabilité d'éliminer les équipements électroniques à des centres de
recyclage afin d'aider à préserver les ressources naturelles. Chaque pays de l'Union
européenne a ses centres de collecte et de recyclage pour le recyclage des