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Cisco VT Camera Package

Review the following list to make sure you have received all the necessary
items to install Cisco VT Advantage.

1 Cisco VT Camera with attached USB cable

1 flexible camera base

1 privacy shade

this Cisco VT Advantage Quick Start Guide


Figure 1

in the

“How to Set Up the Cisco VT Camera” section on page 5

for an illustration of the Cisco VT Camera components and connections. If
you are missing any items, contact your system administrator before
continuing with the installation.

Installation Requirements

Cisco VT Advantage is supported on the Cisco IP Phone 7970/7960/7940

For the latest information about supported phone models and minimum PC
requirements, contact your system administrator. If you are a system
administrator or technician, information about Cisco VT Advantage network,
PC, and other requirements is provided in the Cisco VT Advantage