Removing the rack doors, Marking the rack – Dell POWEREDGE 2950 User Manual

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Rack Installation Guide


Removing the Rack Doors

See the procedures for removing doors in the documentation provided with your rack cabinet.


Because of the size and weight of the rack cabinet doors, never attempt to remove or install them

by yourself.


Store the doors where they will not injure someone if the doors accidently fall over.

Marking the Rack

For a 2-U system, you must allow 2 U (88 mm, or 3.5 inches) of vertical space for each system you install
in the rack.

Rack cabinets that meet EIA-310 standards have an alternating pattern of three holes per rack unit with
center-to-center hole spacing (beginning at the top hole of a 1-U space) of 15.9 mm, 15.9 mm, and 12.7 mm
(0.625 inch, 0.625 inch, and 0.5 inch) for the front and back vertical rails (see Figure 1-2). Rack cabinets may
have round or square holes.


The vertical rails may be marked by horizontal lines and numbers in 1-U increments. If you want, you can

make a note of the number marking on the rack’s vertical rail. It is not necessary to mark or place tape on the rack.

Figure 1-2.

One Rack Unit


If you are installing more than one system, install the mounting rails so that the first system

is installed in the lowest available position in the rack.

1 U (44 mm [1.75 inches])

12.7 mm (0.5 inch)

15.9 mm (0.625 inch)

15.9 mm (0.625 inch)

12.7 mm (0.5 inch)