Troubleshooting the smi-s provider – Dell PowerVault MD3260 User Manual

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Go to the directory where SMI-S Provider is installed.
The default install directories are:

– <%Program Files%>/Dell/pegasus/provider/array for Windows.
– /opt/dell/pegasus/array for Linux.


Edit file in a text file editor, by following the steps below:
a) Remove the pound sign (#) from the lines containing File, Level, and Events.
b) Edit the file name in the field File.

This file contains the trace messages.


Save file and exit the text file editor.


Stop and start the OpenPegasus CIM server.
See Starting And Stopping The OpenPegasus CIM Server.

Troubleshooting The SMI-S Provider

The following table lists some of the common issues and their resolutions.

Table 2. Common Issues and Resolutions


Recommended Action

The following message is displayed if SMI-S Provider is

installed on a system for the first time:
cimserver not started: Bind failed:

Failed to bind socket

on port 5989: Address already in use

(error code 125).

This issue occurs when there is a port conflict. To resolve

the conflict, remove the application that is using the port

or select a different port.
To select a different port:

1. Stop the CIM server.
2. Set the new ports using the following commands:

cimconfig -s httpPort=<HTTP PORT> -


imconfig -s httpsPort=<HTTPS PORT>


3. Start the CIM server.

CIMOM default port in use is not reported in the Microsoft

Windows operating system.

In Windows, if the default ports 5988 and 5989 are already

in use during the SMI-S Provider installation, no message

is displayed to confirm that the ports are in use.
To resolve the conflict:

1. Edit the cimserver_current.conf and

cimserver_planned.conf files.

2. Specify the open ports.
3. Start the CIM server.

Service Location Protocol Service Agents (SLP SA) in

multi-CIMOM environments.

Only one SLP SA per individual server can be active

because SAs require the fixed port 477.

NOTE: If the operation started on a non-standard port,
dynamic SLP discovery of the CIM service is not

The CIM client methods fail due to authentication error:

Return Code -4

During installation, you do not run into any issues with the

storage array password because the SMI-S Provider does

not yet have information about the storage arrays to

manage. However, after you add the storage arrays, a