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SMI-S Provider Installation Guide


The Dell PowerVault MD Series storage arrays provide an industry-standard application programming interface (API)

called the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S). This interface enables third party SMI-S client

applications to manage MD Series storage arrays in a multi-vendor storage area network (SAN) environment.
SMI-enabled management applications are known as Common Information Model (CIM) clients. To allow clients to
manage a storage device, an SMI-S Provider (also called SMI-S Agent or CIM Agent) is required. SMI-S Providers can
be implemented as:

A proxy interface that translates the existing API of a device to an SMI-S compliant interface. This

implementation is the quickest path to SMI-S compliance, but a proxy provider and a Common Information

Model Object Manager (CIMOM) must be installed on a server. A CIMOM is a CIM/WBEM infrastructure that

receives, validates, and authenticates CIM requests from the client application. The CIMOM directs the

requests to the appropriate device provider.

A native feature of the storage device API. This implementation is sometimes referred to as an

embedded agent


Dell MD Series SMI-S Provider is implemented as a proxy interface. The Dell SMI-S Provider, referred to as SMI-S
Provider, runs on a server on the storage network. OpenPegasus CIMOM is installed during the installation of this SMI-S
The SMI-S Provider provides the SMI-S interface to the Dell PowerVault MD Series storage arrays. The provider uses
the proxy CIM Agent model and is supported on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms only. For more information
about the platform versions, see the Support Matrix for the MD Series storage arrays at

Version Information

The following table lists the version details of the components.





SMI-S Provider




Supported Profiles And Sub-Profiles

SMI-S Provider version 10.26 supports the following profiles and sub-profiles:

Block storage views

Thin provisioning

Replication services

Physical package

Profile registration

Device credentials

Proxy server system management

Multiple computer system