Dell POWERVAULT MD3600I User Manual

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Online Method to Upgrade Your Dell

PowerVault MD Storage Arrays From

Simplex to Duplex Mode


Information in this document applies to Dell PowerVault MD3200, MD3220,

MD3200i, MD3220i, MD3600i, MD3620i, MD3600f, and MD3620f systems.

The Dell PowerVault Modular Disk (MD) RAID storage arrays support both

duplex (dual-controller) and simplex (single-controller) configurations. You can

upgrade your existing storage array from a simplex configuration to a duplex

configuration without taking the existing storage array offline.
A duplex configuration allows for full redundancy between RAID controller

modules, non-I/O components, virtual disk paths, and physical disk paths. A

simplex configuration contains only one RAID controller module and does not

support full RAID controller module redundancy, virtual disk path, and physical

disk channel redundancy.

Figure 1. Simplex MD Storage Array (With Expansion)


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