Dell POWERVAULT MD3600I User Manual

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5 Insert the second (new or replacement) controller module in the empty slot

(slot 1) of the enclosure.
For insertion procedures and slot labeling, see the Hardware Owner’s Manual

for your MD storage array.

6 Connect the expansion enclosures (if present) to the controller module you

added in slot 1.


Wait for the enclosure status LED to turn blue before proceeding to the

next step.

7 In MD Storage Manager, double-click the storage array you are upgrading.


Array Management Window (AMW) is displayed.

8 If not using DHCP or default IPv6 address, you may be required to manually

specify the IP configuration. To manually specify the IP configuration:


Select the Setup tab.


Select Configure Ethernet Management Ports and from Ethernet port,


RAID Controller Module 1, Port 0.


Select Specify configuration.


Modify the configuration to match RAID Controller Module 0.


Click OK.

9 In the Enterprise Management Window, select the Setup tab, and click Add

Storage Arrays.

10 In the Select Addition Method window, select Manual and click OK.


Add New Storage Array – Manual window is displayed.

11 Select Out-of-band management.
12 In the RAID Controller Module (DNS/Network name, IPv4 address or IPv6

address) fields, enter the IP addresses of both the RAID controllers installed in

the storage enclosure.

13 Click Add.
14 A message prompts you if you want to add another storage array, click No.


The Devices tab in the Enterprise Management Window displays both

management port IP addresses for the newly upgraded duplex storage array.

15 Adjust the virtual disk caching options: Page 11 Thursday, March 29, 2012 1:43 PM