Troubleshooting, The functjpn buttons do not work, The mukhams fuiktion does not work properly – Sony TC-KA1ESA User Manual

Page 12: The tape deck does not play or record, There is hum or noise, There is an unbalanced tone, Additional information

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Additional Information


expt»rii’nci*d dn\’ i»i the following

while u$ing>#he lope deck, use this troubleshi>oting
guide to help vv»u remedy the problem. Should arry
problem persist, consult your nearest Sony dealer.

The functjpn buttons do not work.

^ The tope deck has just Iven turned on and does

not operate tor about 3 seconiis. Wait until


stop's Hashing.

Check that the cassette is inserted correctly and

the cassette holder is closed completely.

The MuKhAMS fuiKtion does not work properly.

^ One of the tracks contains


long pause, a

passage of lo«v frequencies or ver\' low volume,

or a gradual increase or decreace in %'olumc.

^ The space before a track is less than 4 seconds

long. Insert a blank space of 4 seconds using O

RECMUTE button.

The signal strength of the left and right

channels are very different.

There is noise in the space before a track.

You pressed ►► button immediately before the

next track, or ^ button immediately after the

beginning of the current track.

The tape stops before the tape has been fully rewound.

^ The tape is slack. Take up the tape stack.

If "ME.VIORY" is shown in the display, press

MEMORY repeatedly until the indication


The cassette shell is bent. Use anotlier cassette.

The tape deck does not play or record.

^ Tlw tape has reeled to the et>d.

The tape is slack. Take up the lafS* sla4*k.”

The record-pn'tect tab ha* Invn removed fri»m

the cassette. Cov er the slot with tape (page 11).

Clean the heads and tape path and

demagnetize the heads (puge 12).

Che^'k that the tape deck j* properly connected

(page 4».

^ Make sure the ainp'lifier is correctly set.

There is excessive wow, flutter, or a sound dropout.

^ The cap>stans and pin« h rollers arc dirty Clean

thennss*e page 12|.

There is a decrease in sound level or a sound dropouti
The tape does not erase completely.fNoise increases.

^ The iveads and tapv path are dirty. Clean them

(.4*0 page 12)

■Ф The Iwads are magiwtized. IVmagnetize llwm

(see page 12).

There is hum or noise.

^ The lapx* deck is placed near a TV or VCR.

Place th*‘ tape divk awav fr«>m the ТЛ' or VCR.

^ 1 he lapx* di4'k is р1а«чч1 «>n or under the

.implitier I'l.we ;!\e t.ipx- d«« к .ov.iv Irom the


There is an unbalanced tone.

Cbi4-k ih.U the IXH.BY \R control is >ct to the

;x»silion where the tape was record«4l.

^ The tapx* deck is placed near .> TV or \'CR.

Пасе the tape deck awav fri'in the T\' «’r VCR.


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