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Advanced Recording Operations

Monitoring the Recorded

• You cnn compare the quality oi the recorded sound

with the sound of the program source while recording.

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While recording, press MONITOR repeatedly until
"TAPE" appears in the disf^ay.
You can monitor the sound being recorded.

Inserting a Blank Space During
Recording (Record Muting)

You can insert a blank space of 4 seconds between each
track. The blank spaces between tracks let you locate
the track easily with the Mu)ti*AMS function (see page
8). Also, use this function to eliminate only unwanted
portions on the tape.



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To listen to the sound of the progiam source

Press MONITOR repeatedly until "SOURCE'* appears in the


Start recording.


Press O REC MUTE once when you want to

insert a blank space.
"REC" in the display starts flashing and the tape
moves on without recording any signals.
After 4 seconds, "II" lights up and the tape deck
is now ready to resume recording.


Press II PAUSE or to resume recording.

To insert a blank space longer than 4 seconds

Hold down O RF.C MUTE as long as you want. After 4

sei.’orkis, "REC“ flashes faster.
When you release the O REC MUTE, "II" lights up and
tlw tape deck is ready to resume recording.

Press II PAUSE or C> to resume recording.

' To Insert a blank space of less than 4 seconds

After pressing O REC MUTE, press II PAUSE at any
time. Tlie deck changes to recording pniise. I'o resutvie
recording, press # REC instead of II PAUSE.


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