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Locating a Track (Multi-AMS/

Auto Play/Memory Play)

You can locate the following/previous tracks (Multi*
AMS: Automatic Music Sensor) or the beginning of a
tape quickly. You can even locate a specific point
anywhere on a tape.


Tg locate


the beginning of (he next

or succeeding tracks


►O' as Rtany limes as you
want while piaying-
For example, to locate



ahead, press twi^.

the beginning of the
current track (Multi-AMS*)

^ once while playing

the beginning of the
preceding tracks

^ as many times as you
want while playing.
For example, to locate 2 tracks
behind, press three times.

the beginning of a tape
(Auto Play)

MEMORY repeatedly until
"ME.MORY" disappears in the
display. Then press'^4
while holding down t>.

a particular point on a

tape (idemory Play)

MEMORY repeatedly until

”MEMORY” appears in the

display.*Find the point you
want, and press RESET (o
reset the tape counter and to
memoriae the point.
To l«ate the memorized
pi>int, press while
holding down (Press
only to stop at ”0.00.'')

What happens during Multi-AMS operation

when Multi-AMS is operating, "PLAY” appears. And eaih

time the deck detects a blank space, the indicated number

decreases by one. After locating the beginning of the

specified (rack, the counter indication appears again and the

deck starts playing the track.

^: Beginning of track

- M [ ; ]

► ► [ ; ) w [ a i





• The Multi-AMS function may not work correctly if:

— the blank space between tracks is less than 4 seconds


— the signal strength of the left and right channels are

very different.

— there is a passage of low frequencies or very low

volume within a track.

• Since the counter is not a digital clock, it will differ from

the actual elapsed playback or recording time.

You can use the Multi-AMS io locate up to the .KHh (rack

after or before the current track.

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