Nikon SB R200 User Manual

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background image

The SB-R200 held in the hand illuminates the subject from the

left to eliminate shadows and highlight the subject.

2itIi«»(imU>X5fe!!«ICgl. HIBijrS) *>^:D70

b>X': EfAFy’'fi7n“'>D-Jbl05mm F2.8D


SB-R200 (TTL) BXJI/-X: SB-R200 (TTL)

Dual-light flash operation (one attached to the froht of the lens; the other
held in the hand) Camera: D70 Lens: AF Mlcro-Nlkkor 105mm f/2,8D

Group A: SB-R200 (TTL) Group B: SB-R200 (TTL)


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