Memory lock, Operation of camera controls-continued – Nikon fe User Manual

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Memory Lock

The convenient location of the self-timer lever, making

for ready finger access, proves advantageous when using
the built-in memory lock. Memory lock enables the

photographer to “lock in” a close-up reading of the
subject. To operate the memory lock, view through the

finder and meter on the selected area; then, simply push

the lever toward the lens to hold the reading until the
completion of the exposure. The reading will be retained
as long as the control is held in this position. Even

though the meter needle continues to move while the

memory lock is activated, the shutter speed is still
“locked in” electronically. Thus, several frames can be

exposed using the same locked reading. Also, the aper­

ture can be adjusted without affecting the locked-in

shutter speed. (See “High-Contrast Lighting Situations”
on page 28 for details on the use of the memory lock.)


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