Mreword – Nikon fe User Manual

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The Nikon FE is a compact 35mm single-lens reflex

camera with a host of outstanding features. It offers
aperture-priority automatic exposure control with shut­
ter speeds from 1/1000 second down to 8 seconds, has

interchangeable focusing screens, and accepts the option­

al MD-12 for motor-driven exposures up to 3.5 frames

per second. In addition, the FE incorporates automatic
flash speed setting when used in conjunction with the

accessory Speedlight Unit SB-10. When the SB-10 Is

mounted on the camera’s hot shoe and turned on, the

shutter speed Is automatically set to the proper synchro­

nization speed of 1/90 second when the camera is set to

“automatic.” The FE will also accept virtually every

accessory in the Nikon System—the most comprehensive

ever created for photography. To get the most out of
this camera, study the instructions in this manual care­
fully, and practice using the controls before loading the

camera with film. Keep the manual on hand for ready

reference until you have mastered operation. The few
minutes you spend familiarizing yourself with the

camera will guarantee you the best results and increase

your pleasure in taking pictures many times over.