Without changing anything eise, press the shutter, Button aii the way (press fuiiy) to shoot, To shoot images in focus – Canon IXUS 90IS User Manual

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Without changing anything eise, press the shutter

button aii the way (press fuiiy) to shoot.

• The shutter sound will play once and the Image will record.
• Recorded images are displayed on the LCD monitor for

approximately 2 seconds immediately after shooting (Rec.
review). Shooting is possible while the Image is displayed.

• Holding down the shutter button after taking a shot will continue

displaying the image.

• The indicator will blink green and the file will record to the

memory card.

Shooting Still Images



To Shoot Images in Focus

The camera automatically sets the focus when you press the shutter

button hallway*.

* The shutter button has a Iwo-stage action. Pressing it down to the first stage is

referred as 'pressing halfway’.




Shooting preparations
compiete: Lights green
(orange when the flash fires)


f P^ording:

I Recordirrg;


Blinks green

1 Blinks green

AF frames will display in
green on the LCD monitor
at the points of focus.

Mute Setting

Pressing the


button while turning on the camera power will

silence all camera sounds except for warning sounds. Setting can be

changed from the m (Set up) Menu [Mute].