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Displaying CameraWindow.


1. Select [Canon CameraWindow] and


click [OK],


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Downloading Images to a Computer

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If this event dialog does not appear, click the [Start] menu and

select [All Programs] or [Programs], followed by [Canon

Utilities], [CameraWindow], [CameraWindow] and


CameraWindow will display.


CameraWindow will appear when you establish a connection

between the camera and computer. If it fails to appear, click the

[CameraWindow] icon on the Dock (the bar which appears at the

bottom of the desktop).

Preparations for downloading images are now finished. Please
proceed to the Downloading Images Using the Camera (Direct

Transfer) section (p. 25) (except Windows 2000).

^ • Please refer to the Software Starter Guide regarding how to



download images using the computer.

• With Windows 2000, you can download images using the