Canon YJ12X6.5B IRS-A User Manual

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1. Should any of the abnormalities described below occur, immediately unplug the lens eable

from the camera, and then contact Canon’s representative or the dealer from whom you

purehased the lens.

' Smoke, abnormal smell, or abnormal noise.

' Entry of foreign objects (including metals and liquids) inside the lens.



1. Unplug the lens cable and remove the lens from the camera, before attempting to clean the

lens. Never use flammable substances such as benzene or thinner for cleaning, as this may

present a serious fire or electric shock hazard.


1. Dust or fingerprints on the lens surface. Gently blow or brush away dust or dirt on the lens

surface using a lens blower or a soft lens brush. Remove any fingerprints or other stains with

a clean cotton cloth moistened with commercially available lens cleaning fluid or lens

cleaning paper.

Gently swirl the eloth or cleaning paper over the lens surface, starting at the center area of

the lens, and then circling gradually outward until whole lens surface has been covered.

Be careful not to rub dust across the lens, as the lens surface may be scratched.

2. Periodic inspection

A periodic inspection about once a year is recommended.

The inspection and maintenance interval depends on the operating conditions, the frequency

of use, and the environment. If required, overhaul the lens.




1. Always attach the lens cap (or hood cap) and the dust cap before storing the lens. Storing the

lens without these caps attached may present a fire hazard. (Very bright light, such as sunlight,

may be focused by the lens and cause a fire.)


1. Moisture inside the lens

If the lens becomes damp because of use in fog, mist or drizzle, wipe off the moisture with

a soft dry cloth and seal the lens together with an efficient desiccant in a vinyl bag to remove

moisture which has entered into the interior.