Canon YJ12X6.5B IRS-A User Manual

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DIP switch settings

At the far end of the rubber cap covering the entire drive unit are the DIP switches

which are used for the settings related to the shuttle-shot function.

By setting these switches, the ShtI button functions can be assigned to the “VTR”

switch and “RET” switch. By assigning and setting these functions, the shuttle-

shot functions can be used even by conventional devices which can be connected

but which are not equipped with a ShtI button. The shuttle-shot functions can be

turned off when they are not going to be used.

1. Peel away the rubber cap which

is normally attached here.

2. The various function settings

available are listed below. Set

the DIP switches to the desired

settings. As seen from the lens

front, a switch is ON when it is

set to its right-side position and

OFF when it is set to its left-side


Setting Items

DIP Switch Settings

Function Selection

(DIP Switch No.; position)

Turning on and off the


Shuttle-Shot function


1: OFF

Assigning a function to the

VTR on-off

VTR switch

Shuttle-Shot (ShtI)

2: ON

Assigning a function to the

Return (RET)

RET switch

Shuttle-Shot (ShtI)

3: ON

Spare DIP switch (not used)

initial settings

3. Upon completion of the settings, return the rubber cap to its original position

and fit it into place.