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Integrated Data

Enables Advanced Applications

MOTOTRBO Location Services
Location Services provides the ability to track people and assets, such as
vehicles. This advanced approach takes advantage of the GPS modem and
receiver integrated within both the portable and mobile radios, combined with
the MOTOTRBO Location Services software application.

GPS-equipped portable and mobile radios can be confi gured to transmit their
geographical coordinates at pre-programmed intervals, on demand and in case
of an emergency. MOTOTRBO Location Services software applications provide
dispatchers with a real-time display of fl eet activity on a customized, high-resolu-
tion, color-coded map. With MOTOTRBO Location Services, you can enjoy the
benefi ts of location tracking with no monthly fees or cumbersome external GPS
devices to install and maintain.

MOTOTRBO Application Developer Program
Third-party developers play an important role in supporting the market growth of the MOTOTRBO platform
and in creating customized applications that will add value to you. Developers will extend the capabilities
of MOTOTRBO and provide niche solutions that will satisfy a broad range of your needs. To encourage the


MOTOTRBO is changing the way businesses communicate.
You can gain the productivity of powerful data applications
such as MOTOTRBO Location Services and Text Messaging
now, and with additional applications from Motorola’s
Application Developer Program, you’ll be able to leverage
ongoing new capabilities—and get the most from your
communications investment.

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