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Motorola digital technology enables breakthrough radio performance and
features. And our new audio connector means MOTOTRBO


can offer you enhanced performance and capabilities—now and
into the future.

New Audio Accessory Connector
Enables Enhanced Performance
and Capabilities


Smart Audio System—Motorola’s state-of-the-art IMPRES

technology allows communication between the radio and the audio accessory.
The result is optimal accessory performance assuring the highest quality

Optimal Audio Performance: When an IMPRES accessory is attached,
accessory identifi cation is sent to the radio enabling the radio to optimize
its output for each type of audio accessory. This results in more consistent
output across all audio accessory types.

Customization: Accessory programmable buttons can be programmed
to any feature available in the radio CPS, rather than being linked to radio
programmable button programming. This allows accessory programmable
buttons to have independent programmable features. The radio can be
customized to fi t your specifi c applications and needs.

Submersibility—The new connector design meets IP57 submersibility

requirements. This allows for use with submersible accessories, such as the
submersible remote speaker microphone, which provides optimal message
delivery even in wet conditions.

Future Applications—The new portable connector design incorporates

the antenna signal within the audio connector, which will allow for easy use
of accessories that require an antenna signal, such as public safety speaker
microphones. The built in USB capability will allow the use of USB-capable
accessories. The new audio accessory interface is the Motorola standard audio
accessory interface for mid- to high-tier two-way radios. Future accessory
development will be based upon this new connector interface. You will be able
to take advantage of future releases of new audio accessories.

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