Operation, Brewing, Keep warm function – FARBERWARE 103743 5 Cup Coffee Maker User Manual

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NOTE: Depending on the number of cups required to be brewed, the amount of

ground coffee has to be adjusted. As a general rule, one measuring scoop (16) of

ground coffee equals one cup.

NOTE: The appliance will run until no water is left in the water tank (5).

NOTE: During operation, the keep warm plate (9) will start to warm up and remain

on until the appliance is returned to stand-by mode.

NOTE: After the brewing has finished, the appliance switches to the keep warm

function automatically (  

Keep warm function).

Add the required amount of ground coffee in the permanent filter





Press the

button (21) to start the brewing process (ill.


). The button will


Once the brewing process has finished a signal tone is emitted and the appliance

switches to the keep warm function, by default for 2 hours or until switched off

via the button (21).

NOTE: During the brewing process, pressing any button, apart from the button

(21), has no effect. Only the display backlight will be fully illuminated.

NOTE: It is possible to remove the carafe (10) from the keep warm plate (9) during

the brewing process for a short time, about 30 seconds, to pour coffee. The flow of

coffee is stopped by the drip stop (13) (ill.



To stop the brewing process prematurely, press the

button (21). The appliance

will return to stand-by mode. The keep warm plate (9) will stop heating.

Keep warm function

The appliance is equipped with a keep warm function, which is switched on

automatically after any brewing program has finished. The default keep warm time

is 2 hours.

Pressing the

AUTO button (17) during the first hour has no effect.

Pressing the

AUTO button (17) after 1hr, the keep warm function will be

extended by 1 hour, indicated by a signal tone.

Pressing the

AUTO button (17) again after a further hour, has no effect. The keep

warm function is not extended again. The maximum keep warm time for the

appliance is 3 hours.

After the keep warm time has run out, a signal tone sounds, the appliance returns

to stand-by mode and the display (19) shows the current time.

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