Operation, Setting the clock – FARBERWARE 103743 5 Cup Coffee Maker User Manual

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Fill the required amount of water into the carafe

(10). Pour the water into the

water tank (5) (ill.


). Check the water-level indicator (5a) in the inside of the

water tank (5) (ill.



Close the lid

(3) (ill.



Place the carafe

(10) on the keep warm plate (9) (ill.



NOTE: Ensure the appliance is assembled correctly and completely.

NOTE: It is possible to place a paper filter into the filter housing (14) instead of the

permanent filter (15). Only use a filter of the cone type 1x2 (for 4-6 cups).

NOTE: Do not place a paper filter in the permanent filter (15), as water will not flow

freely through the permanent filter (15).

Connect the plug

(6) to a wall outlet (ill.



The appliance is now is stand-by mode. On the display

(19), “12:00” will flash

for about 5 seconds and then change to be displayed constantly. The display

backlight will be fully illuminated for about 30 seconds before dimming.

NOTE: Pressing any button at any stage will cause the display backlight to switch to

full illumination for about 30 seconds before returning to being dimmed.

Setting the clock

NOTE: Setting the clock is required to be able to use the AUTO function.

NOTE: The appliance has a 12-hour display (-/PM).

Press and hold

HOUR (20) or MIN (18) button for about 1 second to enter the

clock setting mode.

Press the

HOUR button (20) to set the hours on the clock. Each press will advance

the clock by one hour.

Press the

MIN button (18) to set the minutes on the clock. Each press will

advance the clock by one minute.

NOTE: Press and hold either the HOUR (20) or MIN (18) button, to advance through

hours/minutes rapidly.

NOTE: The clock will be reset if the appliance is unplugged from the wall outlet and

not reconnected within 15 seconds. The clock needs to be set again.

NOTE: If no button is pressed for about 5 seconds, the set time will be saved and

the appliance returns to stand-by mode.

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