Cleaning – FARBERWARE 103736 4L Dual Deep Fryer User Manual

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Proper maintenance will ensure many years of service from your appliance. Clean

the appliance after every use. The appliance contains no user serviceable parts and

requires little maintenance. Leave any servicing or repairs to qualified personnel.

CAUTION: Always turn the temperature control knob (19) to OFF position.

Disconnect the plug (10) from the wall outlet before disconnecting the magnetic

plug (11) from its socket. Allow all parts of the appliance to cool completely.

NOTE: Do not immerse the power cord with plug (10) or appliance and magnetic

plug (11) into water or any other liquid. Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or

scouring pads. Dry all parts thoroughly after cleaning, before using or storing the

appliance. Ensure that no water enters the appliance housing.

Do not attempt to attach the magnetic plug

(11) permanently to the appliance.

Clean the surface of the appliance, the lid

(3) and the basket handle (5) with a

damp cloth.

The frying basket

(4, 5) (remove the basket handle) (6), lid (3) (remove the filter)

and the oil reservoir (8) are dishwasher safe.

Remove the frying basket

(4, 5).

Remove the basket handle

(6) from the frying basket (4, 5).

Wash the frying basket

(4, 5) in a dishwasher or with hot soapy water. Rinse and

dry in carefully.

CAUTION: Do not clean the basket handle (6) in the dishwasher.

Remove the control panel assembly

(15) from the back of the housing (9).

Carefully lift the oil reservoir

(8) by holding its rim.

CAUTION: The control panel assembly (15) should never be immersed into water or

any other liquids.

Gently clean the surface of the control panel assembly

(15) with a damp cloth

and a mild soap solution or plain water.

After cleaning, reassemble appliance by placing the oil reservoir

(8) into the

housing and placing the control panel assembly (15) in its place (ill


). If the

control panel assembly (15) is not placed properly in its position, the appliance

will not operate.

Dry all parts thoroughly after cleaning, before using the appliance.

NOTE: Clean the filter (16, 17) every 3 months or after every 12 uses.

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