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If you have a claim under this warranty, please call our Customer Assistance Number.

For faster service, please have the model number and product name ready for the

operator to assist you. This number can be found on the bottom of your appliance

and on the front page of this manual.

Model Number: __________________ Product Name: __________________

Customer Assistance Number 1-855-451-2897 (US)

Keep these numbers for future reference!

Two-year limited warranty

What does your warranty cover?

Any defect in material or workmanship.

For how long after the original purchase?

Two years.

What will we do?

Provide you with a new one.

For those items still under warranty but

no longer available, WAL-MART reserves

the right to replace with a similar

FARBERWARE branded product of equal

or greater value.

How do you make a warranty claim?

Save your receipt.

Properly pack your unit. We recommend

using the original carton and packing


Return the product to your nearest

WAL-MART store or call Customer

Assistance at 1-855-451-2897 (US).

What does your warranty not cover?

Parts subject to wear, including,

without limitation, glass parts, glass

containers, cutter/strainer, blades, seals,

gaskets, clutches, motor brushes, and/

or agitators, etc.

Commercial use or any other use not

found in printed directions.

Damage from misuse, abuse, or

neglect, including failure to clean

product regularly in accordance with

manufacturer's instructions.

How does state law relate to this


This warranty gives you specific legal

rights, and you may also have other

rights which vary from state to state or

province to province.

This warranty is in lieu of any other

warranty or condition, whether

express or implied, written or oral,

including, without limitation, any

statutory warranty or condition

of merchantability or fitness for a

particular purpose.


product manufacturer expressly

disclaim all responsibility for special,

incidental, and consequential

damages or losses caused by use

of this appliance. Any liability is

expressly limited to an amount equal

to the purchase price paid whether

a claim, however instituted, is based

on contract, indemnity, warranty, tort

(including negligence), strict liability, or

otherwise. Some states or provinces do

not allow this exclusion or limitation of

incidental or consequential losses, so

the foregoing disclaimer may not apply

to you.

What if you encounter a problem with this

product while using it outside the country

of purchase?

The warranty is valid only in the country

of purchase and if you follow the

warranty claim procedure as noted.

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LLC, including FARBERWARE®, are used under license from

Farberware Licensing Company, LLC.





The appliance is not


Control panel assembly

(14) not installed correctly

Appliance not plugged in

Wall outlet not energized

Attach control panel

assembly (14) (ill.



Insert the magnetic plug

(11) into the socket, then

the plug (10) into the wall


Check fuses and circuit


Oil is spilling over the


Oil reservoir (8) overfilled

Food basked overfilled

Switch off the appliance.

Let the oil cool completely.

Remove excess oil

Remove some food

Food tasting greasy or


Temperature not suitable

Food basket overfilled

Adjust the temperature

Remove some food

Food not fully cooked

Food parts too large

Cooking time too short

Remove food and chop to

smaller pieces

Continue frying and check

process regularly

Cooking oil foaming

or emitting smoke

Oil has been used too

often or oil is not suitable

Switch off the appliance.

Let the oil cool down

completely. Remove oil

and replace with new

suitable oil

If additional assistance is needed, please contact our Customer Assistance at

1-855-451-2897 (US).


Rated voltage:

120V~ 60Hz

Rated power input: 1800W

Rated current:


Oil capacity:

max. 4L

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