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Before first use

Remove all packaging materials, labels and/or stickers from your appliance.

Check package contents for completeness and damage. Do not operate the

appliance if package content is incomplete or appears damaged. Return it

immediately to the dealer.


CAUTION: Danger of suffocation! Packaging materials are not toys. Always keep

plastic bags, foils and Styrofoam parts away from babies and children. Packaging

material could block nose and mouth and prevent breathing.

Clean your appliance thoroughly before using for the first time (



NOTE: The appliance may produce an odor and emit smoke when switched on for

the first time, as residues from the production process are eliminated. This is normal

and does not indicate a defect or hazard.

CAUTION: Never let the power cord (10) come in contact with the housing (9) or

the lid (3) of the appliance during use.


CAUTION: Always ensure there is oil in the oil reservoir (8) before you turn on the


Place the appliance on a clean, flat and heat resistant surface.

Before using your appliance make sure:

the oil reservoir


(8) is secured in the correct position (the round edges are

opposite to the connecting plate of the housing (9) (ill.



the control panel assembly


(15) is inserted into the slots of the connecting

plate on the back of the housing (9) (ill.



the basket handle


(6) is locked in place in the frying basket (4, 5) (ill.



NOTE: To lock the basket handle (6) in place, press the bars together (ill.


). Slide

the handle between the slots while inserting the ends of the bar into the bracket

on the frying basket (4, 5). Do not assemble any other way (ill.




). Incorrect

assembly may lead to an unstable setup and might cause injuries.

CAUTION: Do not fill the frying basket (4, 5) over half way. Too much food can cause

excess foaming and could cause the oil to overflow during operation.

NOTE: Your appliance is equipped with a safety switch located on the control

panel assembly (15). If the control panel assembly (15) is not placed properly in its

position, the appliance will not operate.

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