Powergrower, 8 pack, Florashield – General Hydroponics New RainForest 36 User Manual

Page 8: Floranova

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The new PowerGrower system can be
arranged in an 8 pack configuration or as
a 7 pack, where the hexagonal units are
arranged in a “honeycomb” shape to easily
fit under one light. The new 5/8” split tees
connecting the individual units ensure
uniform delivery of nutrient solution to
every plant for explosive growth.

The PowerGrower Controller consists of
an integrated 17 gallon reservoir and a 17
gallon controller unit. These containers can
be very easily converted to a Rainforest
system with the addition of a lid kit and
Vortex sprayer for a complete modular
system from propagation to mature plants.

Harness the Power!



Many growers report that using FloraShield in your RainForest
will prevent disease. They also report that FloraShield helps
control mildew problems, as well. Another popular use of
FloraShield is to sterilize equipment and media. FloraShield
can be used at any stage of growth.




FloraNova represents a break-through in fertilizer
technology. FloraNova gives users both the strength of
a dry concentrate and the ease of a liquid. This unique
formulation of highly purified minerals and natural
additives combines the benefits of both organic and soil
less gardening methods. Optimum nutrient absorption
is aided by natural humic extracts for increased quality
and superb yields. FloraNova is a one part formula that
is pH stabilized outstanding for all plant types.