Just Better Changing to 115 Volts on the Emerson Dual Voltage Motor User Manual

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How to Change to 115 Volts on the Emerson

Dual Voltage Motor (JB DV-XXX-250 Pumps


The JB Industries Dual Voltage Pump is set up from the factory for high voltage (230 Volts). Follow the

instructions below to change the motor for low voltage (115 volts) applications. This only applies to

Emerson Motors with this switch plate- for other motors, contact JB Technical Service.

Step 1. Unplug Motor for outlet. Remove the motor switch on

the back of the Bell Housing to reveal the Switch Plate.

Step 2. Remove the White Wire from terminal #3 and

connect to terminal #4 (Both White Wires will be together).

Step 3. Remove the Brown Wire from holder #6 and

connect to terminal #3.

Notes: Motor switch wires remain in the same position for both

high and low voltage. #6 is a holder for the Brown Wire when

the motor is set up for high voltage.

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