SINGER P-1250 PROFESSIONAL Quick-Start Guide User Manual

Sewing machine bobbin case threading instructions

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(Consult Instruction Book for bobbin winding instructions)

1. Slide bobbin cover plate toward you. Insert wound bobbin
into bobbin case with thread spooling off to the left.

2. Guide thread to left through notch A and then pull straight
back toward needle so that it passes through notch B.

3. Leave several inches of thread laying across top of bobbin
toward the back of the machine.

4. Slide bobbin cover plate back intro position. thread tail
should be visible, sticking out at top of cover.

5. Hold top (needle) thread and turn handwheel toward you
until needle goes to its lowest and then its highest point.
Raise the presser foot using the presser bar lifter.

6. Gently pull top thread until lower (bobbin) thread comes
up in the form of a loop.

7. Use the flat side of a seam ripper or a pin to open up
bobbin thread loop until end is visible.

8. Pull both thread tails straight back under presser foot.


P/N: 357626-002REV.1

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