SINGER 2263 Oiling SIMPLE Instruction Manual User Manual

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2263 Simple Sewing Machine Oiling Instructions

Remove the Needle Plate
Turn the handwheel (towards you) until the needle is fully raised.
Open the hinged front cover and unscrew the needle plate screws with the included screw driver.

Clean the Feed Dog:
Remove the bobbin and use the brush supplied to clean the area. (2)

Cleaning and Lubricating the Hook:
Remove the bobbin case. Snap the two hook retaining arms (3) outwards. Remove the hook
cover (4) and the hook (5). Clean with a soft cloth. Lubricate the points (6) (1-2 drops) with
sewing machine oil. Turn the handwheel until the hook race (7) is in the left position. Replace
the hook (5). Replace the hook cover (4) and snap back the hook retaining arms (3). Insert the
bobbin case and bobbin and replace the stitch plate.

Fabric fluff and threads must be removed regularly. Your machine should be serviced at regular

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