Installation notes, Safety instructions, Installation instructions – Cisco Aironet 2 dBi Diversity Omnidirectional Ceiling Mount Antenna AIR-ANT5959 User Manual

Page 3: Suspended ceilings with flush mounted tiles

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Cisco Aironet 2 dBi Diversity Omnidirectional Ceiling Mount Antenna (AIR-ANT5959)


Installation Notes

Concrete and wood block walls limit signal penetration to three or four walls.

A signal can penetrate five or six walls constructed of drywall or wood.

A thick metal wall causes signals to reflect off, causing poor penetration.

A chain link fence or wire mesh spaced between 1 and 1 1/2 in. (2.5 and 3.8 cm) acts as a
harmonic reflector that blocks a 2.4 Ghz radio signal.

Install the antenna away from microwave ovens and 2-GHz cordless phones. These products can
cause signal interference because they operate in the same frequency range as the device to which
your antenna is connected.

Install the antenna horizontally to maximize signal propagation.

Installation Notes

This antenna is designed to be mounted indoors on a suspended ceiling track having either flush or
recessed mounted ceiling tiles.

Safety Instructions

Follow these safety instructions when installing your antenna.

Plan your installation procedure carefully and completely before you begin.

If you are installing an antenna for the first time, for your own safety as well as others, seek
professional assistance. Consult your dealer, who can explain which mounting method to use for
the location where you intend to install the antenna.

Select your installation site with safety, as well as performance, in mind. Remember that electric
power cables and telephone lines look alike. For your safety, assume that any line is an electric
power line until determined otherwise.

Call your local power company or building maintenance organization if you are unsure about cables
close to your mounting location.

When installing your antenna, do not use a metal ladder. Do dress properly - shoes with rubber soles
and heels, rubber gloves, and a long sleeved shirt or jacket.

If an accident or emergency occurs with the power lines, call for qualified emergency help

Installation Instructions

The following sections contain procedures for installing the antenna on a suspended ceiling.

Suspended Ceilings With Flush Mounted Tiles

The antenna is configured to mount to a suspended ceiling track with flush mounted tiles. No
modifications are necessary. After you have selected a suitable location, follow these steps to mount your
antenna. It may be helpful to examine the illustration below before you install the antennas.