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O Getting started

step 1. Connect the corded base

♦ Connect the corded handset to the corded base with the provided

coiled cord.

♦ Plug the power adapter with smaller pin plug & telephone line cord

into the corded base.

♦ Plug the other end of the power adapter & telephone line cord into

the wall jack.


Do not place your phone in the bathroom or other humid areas. Please

refer to the user's guide for more cautions when you choose the location

of your phone.


Only use the power adapter and telephone line cord supplied with the


step 2. Install and charge the cordless

handset battery pack

♦ Slide out the battery compartment cover. Place the supplied

rechargeable battery pack in the battery compartment, with the

battery connector plugged in, as shown.

♦ Slide the battery compartment cover back.

♦ Put the cordless handset on the charger to charge for at least 24

hours. When the cordless handset is fully charged the will

indicate that it is fully charged.


Use only the rechargeable battery pack provided.

step 3. Set the display language

For the corded base:
♦ Press ^ ^ J and ^
♦ Press ^ ^ J and ^


to select Settings.

) to select Language.

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