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Page 6: Switch the answering machine on / off, Listen to messages

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♦ Press

and enter the number.

♦ Press and to select a melody.
♦ Press

to save settings.


from the Phonebook

For the corded base:

Press then scroll © to select the entry you want to dial.
Pick up the corded handset or press

to dial the number.

•or the cordless handset:

Press and then scroll to select the entry you want to dial.

or a

to dial the number.

Paging/Find cordless handset

Press [--I


on the corded base.

Press © to select the destination cordless handset for Handset 1 to

Handsets, and All Handsets. Selecting All Handsets will page all the registered

cordless handsets.
Destination cordless handset or all cordless handsets ring.
Press [--l


again, place the cordless handset on the cradle or


on the cordless handset to stop the paging call.

Answering Machine

Switch the answering machine on / off


at the corded base to toggle the answering machine

modes. The display shows Anne&Record when in Record Messages mode.

Announce Only when in Announce Only mode, and Answer Off when in

Answerer Off mode.

Listen to messages

Press the keys below on the base to perform the respective functions:

Press to stop playing messages or resume playback.

Press once to replay current message from the beginning.

Press twice to playback the previous message.

Press to play the next message.

Press to delete the current message.

Increase the loudspeaker volume by one level {1 to 5).

Decrease the loudspeaker volume by one level {1 to 5).


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