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Through the cordless handset:

♦ Press from idle mode. Voice prompts of the menu list options

will play.

♦ Press to play the messages.
♦ During message playback, press the keys below to perform the

following functions:

[7'^ Skip to repeat the current message from the beginning.



Press twice to playback the previous message.

Stop the current message playback.

[7*^ Skip to play the next message.

Increase the volume.

Decrease the volume.


Delete the current message and the next message will be


Toggle the message playback via earpiece/speakerphone.

Exit to idle.


For more solutions, see the full Help section in the user's guide.

The icon is not scrolling when the cordless

handset is placed on the charger

Bad battery contact - move the cordless handset slightly
Dirty contact - clean the battery contact with a cloth moistened with


Battery is full - no need to charge

No dial tone

No corded base power - check the connections. Reset the phone:

unplug and plug back in the electrical outlet.
Cordless handset batteries are empty - charge the battery pack for

at least 24 hours.
Cordless handset may be too far from the corded base - move closer

to the corded base.
Wrong telephone line cord - use the telephone line cord provided.

Poor audio quality

The corded base is too close to electrical appliances, reinforced

concrete walls or metal doorframes - move the corded base away

from any electrical appliances.

No ring tone

♦ The ring tone is deactivated.
♦ Increase the volume.

Caller ID does not work

♦ Check your subscription with your network operator.

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