Shooting wilh close-um^^^sorlas – Canon t70 User Manual

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9. Shooting wilh Close-uM^^^sorlas

Manual Diaphragm Control

Siopped^óovvn meierr^ nece$$ary whenever
ycu insert dccosscrios. such o$ Extonaon tubes
M. between me camera and the FD lens for
olose^jp photographs*.

1) Insert the sict of mo accessory manual dia­

phragm adapter (optional>y available) over

the tip of ihe automatic aperture lever at ihe

rear of tho Ions.

2) Push the lever countercbckv/ise and

tho odoptor into mocrcovo.

3) Mount the lens as tl is on the accessory.


Film plane indicator
This mark, engraved on the lop of the camera
body, indicates me exact position of Ihe


pane It is uselul lor moasu' ng the exact shopi*
mo dislarce frcm film losubioct in olose*up pho

tography. Distances on me tens* distar>ce scale

arecairoratedlrom mark

Do not mount the lens with nanuai dia«
phragm adapter directly on ine comuru or
Ihe Auto Bellows etc.