Precautions – Canon t70 User Manual

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Iron tr« curtain.

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aiipcrta. ev^ wnen loaded in a camera, may
be exposed a^ ruineo To avoid accidental
exposure. leH the ír^$pector you war: your
camera ano tilm hand checked.

Storage of your T70

Tne Desi Ih rg you can do lor your T70 :o use

il regulaiy. In the event thal y^u nu$l $lO'C 1 ^oi

quite a vanite, however, tirsi remove rl tion ils

case or conero bag Remove the balieries
yViap the camera in a clean, soil clcth and place
it In a cool. dry. dust-free place. If you store the
body one Ions separately, attach ooih tre bcdy
and rear lens caps.

Avoid storing your T70 In the following

• '‘Hot Spots" such as the trurk. rear wirdOiV

shoil or glove comparimeli of a car.

* Laooraiorles or other such areas w^<ore

chemicals may cause corrosion.

♦ Induct sunlight

Before using the T70 after it has been stored
for a long time or before using the camera for
Important events, carefully c^eck the opera-
tion of each pari.