Xtreme 51870: Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

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1 About Bluetooth Speakerphone
This portable mini-shape Bluetooth speakerphone is specially designed to give you
convenience and freedom of wireless communication which can be used as hands—free car
kit when you are in car or as conference speakerphone on desk-top when you are at home ,
office, etc. With advance built-in microphone on
which adopts D.S.P. solution for Echo Cancellation & Noise Suppression, this speakerphone
creates an outstanding full
duplex sound quality for you.

2. About Bluetooth Technology
Bluetooth wireless technology is set to revolutionize the personal connectivity by providing
freedom from wired connections-enabling links and connectivity between notebook/laptop,
mobile phones, portable handheld devices and other Bluetooth enable Devices within in 10
meters, Utilizing global sound & digital data2.4G l S M transmission, it
makes global communication in the way you are never dreamed of!

3. Appearance and function
(1) Speaker
(2) Microphone
(3) Status indicator (LED)
(4) Charging Socket
(5) Mute button(Exchange Language and Private talking)
(6) MFB Button(Multi-Function Button) »
(7) Volume-+ (V+)
(8) Volume- (V-)

4. Charging the Battery
The Product with built-in rechargeable battery can be charged random by the equipped
charger. First use your Bluetooth speaker. Please charge the speakerphone fully.
(1) Prior to using the speakerphone, it is recommended to charge the battery fully for the
first time. Normal full charging time is 3 hrs.(Approx)
(2) While charging, the Red LED Indicator will light up, after charging finished, the
Red LED Indicator will be off and voice report 'Power off"