Concerning cassette tapes – Panasonic RCX160 User Manual

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Concerning Cassette Tapes

Cassette tapes exceeding 90 minutes

These tapes are handy for their long play­
back time but be careful about repeatedly
stopping and starting, rewinding and fast
forwarding these tapes in short intervals as
they are thin, tend to stretch and may be­
come entangled in the machine.



If the tape loosens,

take up the slack by

turning the reel in the
proper direction.


Do not handle, or

pull the tape out of
the cassette.

Use normal types of cassette tapes only. If

other tapes are used, you may not obtain

optimum performance.

Cassette tapes, both recorded and un­
recorded, should not be stored in locations

with high temperature, high humidity or

direct sunlight. Never place a recorded
cassette near a magnetic source, such as
a magnet or a TV set as this may affect
tape performance.