When should the battery be replaced, Operation, Notes – Panasonic RCX160 User Manual

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When should the battery be replaced

Unplug the AC power cord from the AC
power outlet. After several seconds, plug it
back into the outlet. If the digits flash con­
tinuously, replace the battery with a new

Replace the battery Wij.h a new one after

one year of use (most batteries have a
shelf life of approximatery one year).

If an extended power failure or interruption

occurs, replace the battery with a new one.


The sure time battery back-up is designed

to keep the clock operating in the event of
a power failure or interruption. (Such as

when moving this unit to a different room.)
Whenever a power interruption occurs, the
clock display will disappear. However even
though the display is completely blacked
out, the 9-volt back-up battery will take

over as the power source and the present
time and the alarm time will be preserved.


Even ifkhe power is not resumed by the

wake-up time, the buzzer alarm wilt acti­

When the set is unplugged (not in use) for
a long time, remove.the back-up battery to
prevent possible battery leakage.

Power failures may occur at any time of the
night or day and can be of a long or short


Most failures are so short that people don’t
even notice the interruption. These inter­
ruptions do, however; affect clocks v/hich

do not incorporate a battery back-up.

If the power is not resumed by the wake-up
time, the radio alarm will not activate.

[f the back-up battery goes dead during a

power interruption, the present time and
alarm time must also be reset after the

The back-up battery will be exhausted

after about 17 hours of total (accumulative)
use. (The batlery life will vary depending

on the frequency of the power interrup­

After a power interruption, the time shown

in the display window may not be always
correct (it may gain or lose about six
minutes per hour).