Radio sleep timer – Panasonic RCX160 User Manual

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Radio sleep timer

You can set the dock radio to play up to
about 59 minutes, and then to shut off
automatically. •

Press and held the sleep button until

the length of time for which you wish to

listen to the radio is shown on the clock

Watch the display as it counts backwards
from 59 to 00,

At first, the clock display shows 59 min­

utes. When you release the sleep button,

the Correct time returns on the clock dis­


During radio-listening, you can confirm the

number of minutes remaining by pressing
the sleep button and looking at clock dis­


You can change the length of time, for
which you wish to listen to the radio, by the

time set buttons while pressing the sleep

Radio will be shut off automatically in the
preset sleep time.

To cancel the sleep timer and shut off
the radio, press the off/time set button.